Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"Halligattu Post" - a trip down memory lane.

Kodagu is synonymous to Coorg, Cauvery, Coffee, Culture, Climate and now CIT. Having spent my best days of life here is my luck and good fortune.

CITians, I will take you through a nostalgic trip back to our golden days or the “Best days of our Lives”.

From where shall I start?

We are in the age of Virtual Reality and Nano Technology, but have we not experienced virtual CIT? Yes, Cauvery College was our virtual CIT, 1999-00, 2000-01 batches were fortunate to have started of their engineering days from Cauvery College.

What did you all think when you saw this small office?

When I came for admissions, I saw this tiny office, Cariappa Sir, Chengappa Sir and our Kumara. I was shocked but its history now, right? Great Office staff; Ajith, Nithin, our Jaggus, Jaykumar, Meera, Saraswathi Mam and all.

Where was your first Class?

If you remember, our first class was in “IvorBull Memorial Science Block”, I still remember my first hour, Entry; My name is M M Prakash, I will be dealing Physics, now introduce yourself with, Name, Your City, College and PU percentage….each and every word in true ARMY style…and then our PRINCI in dragging style of his own, explaining the results and performances of our seniors.

Home away from Home.

Ashik has written this line in CIT Orkut Community, "CIT was a home away from home". Definitely this was true in our case. Hostel was the place we enjoyed the most. If you can make out the ladder in the picture, we used this ladder for secret entry into our rooms in the late nights.

This Hostel belongs to whom?

Girls do not scream “ours” because there is a litigation pending against this Hostel, whether it belongs to Boys or Gals? Well I did not create this issue, the Hostel board tells the story.

Do you believe in Ghosts?

I definitely did not believe in Ghosts until our Quarters friends experienced it. Well, only Ithape, I T Gowda or Amith can explain the story. But, was there really a Ghost?

We have EC lab, C Prog lab tomorrow.
Worrying on what programme you pick or which experiment you need to perform?
Do not worry; we have Uma Maheswari, Vishnu Murthy, Basaveshwara and Aiyappa Swamy temples for blessings and help.

I still remember the days when we used to perform poojas for Hall Tickets. PanchaKajaya prasadam in Uma Maheswari temple, Amith used to eat like anything.

Above all, we always had the blessings of Goddess Cauvery. “Kaveramma Thayi Kaapad Engala”

CIT a sports nursery!

Coorg is known for its Hockey and talented sportspersons and CIT too contributed towards this fame. Our First Inter-Class sports meet was so scintillating, so close, and so tense with fierce competition from both seniors and juniors. The Basket Ball matches, Cricket battles, Kabbadi fights, Volley Ball smashes, ball badminton shots and Football kicks and Cheer groups.

What Energized you ?
Was it “Mandela Mandela” by Gals, Or “Lakka Laka Ooh Aah by boyz….or the ever green kunde paat?

I lost my Way?
Hey which way to CIT, shall I take a left or right? I heard left, Ok both ways lead to CIT. But, the right will pass through beautiful paddy fields (bael) and then to CIT.

Hey Our Great College!
We are not in virtual ground any more, we have reached Coorg Institute of Technology. The first Engineering College in Kodagu. As Thims says the “Best Place on Earth”, right?

“Gateway to Success”.
CIT has produced many techies who are proving that they are second to none; we have our presence in all IT Majors. I think I am going too formal.

Great cultural performances were performed at this very entrance, Neethus dance, Shyams & Sudhakar shetty’s solo numbers, CIT play by ‘C’ section, Selvas koyambed dance, Ashik & groups ek do teen, megham kalakade and many dream performances by my fellow CITians.

Last but not Least......our Lecturers! We had some of the best and the funniest lecturers in CIT. They really helped us reach here. Every lecturer was different in his own way. KTM’s pronunciation, Jayanna’s dictation, Ramamani’s explaination, Vijay Shetty’s serious blasting…nimge ellla sokk jasti agidee! Prabhakar Shetty and Dinesh Sir’s Graphics, Anuradha Mam’s figures, Shailaja Mam, Komala, Prathiba, not to miss our Rajesh and Rajan Raina. Well sorry, CS and IS folks, I could not portray your lecturers, but they too were very special…D P M, Thangamma Mam, Brijesh…etc.

Trespassers prosecuted!
Boys beware “Gals here”! Do not trespass in this block. If you are brave enough to trespass, be ready to face the music. Well Bopsi, did you ever trespass?

Gentlemen not Allowed!
This hostel is for people who study subjects as past time, seriously enjoy, and people who drink (hey only water).
Well too many memories in this place, would like to share an instance with u all...Princi, Rajan Raina and Prakash came to Hostel after somebody bursted a cracker in the corridor. They were checking the rooms randomly and they entered Somaiah’s room, there were two bottles kept on the table, one filled with pure water and other with pure vodka. Thank God they did not feel thirsty at that moment!
The nailing sessions in Jeeni’s room, discussions went to till early mornings. At the end of the day, we decide not have any tomorrow. But when Dillu Sir, Jeevan Annaya and Keppi enter Caper&Jeenis room, the sessions automatically start.
The Hostel day parties, Sunday night specials, the carom matches during examination days, New Years Eve, and many more memories, cricket matches in Mess, Hostel Tutorials ! Each day spent in the hostel was memorable, I may need a 1000 page booklet to pen down everything.

Our Pizza Hut, Food World & Coffee Day…!

One stop students shop, our Dilip’s shop, wanna call, want stationery, and want to have ice creams, go to Dilip’s. This shop has everything from print outs to pens, shampoos to spirals, this shop served our day to day to needs.

You don’t get pizzas here, but you will definitely get parotas, pakoda, fish fry, bread omlet, the proud owner of this shop, Mr. Ismail Khan.

This small hut is Ranji’s, you get Badam Milk, Grape juice, Mango shakes, Chicken puffs, Chocolate cakes, Lime soda, Lime tea. Bulls eye, Amith’s favorite breakfast. Chuppi’s favorite dialogue started here “Naak oru Badam”. If you want to have some chat, then have Ratan’s Masal Puri…!

Hey do you remember this shop?

It is the Coffee shop we used to visit in our breaks during first year, do you remember the name of this shop. Yes, it is “Bees Coffee Bar”. All the eat outs, Kushin, Munnas, Classic, Silver Sky; host to many welcome and farewell parties. Everything was special in itself. Missing those days badly!

Golden Gallery!

It is raining trophies for CIT (touch wood) in VTU competitions. With trophies in various disciplines, CIT has made a mark in Sports; our Hockey team has won thrice; completing a Hatrick of wins this year. Kabbadi and Ball Badminton too have won many trophies for CIT. I remember all my VTU tournaments, the Hassan trip was memorable, Akki Pikki style of having biryani, Rasam in Maharajas….Jai Bidar Kondes, what do you say Hockey Folks?

Choose your cruise?

Do you want Aiyappa Anna's Ambassador or Suresh Anna's Ferrari, or the ever white Match Box. The travel was very special. Remember coming from Cauvery college campus to CIT for exams, last minute discussions in bus. I recollect Aiyappa Anna's Kiggattu Slang, it is the way South Coorg People speak. Well, Suresh Anna's Bus was a perfect hide-out for PM frens. Entha annuvira makkale?

From Katte to Kunda Betta.

Well CITians don't need a reason for party, every day is a party here. Cannot forget Katte, the best place for partying. Hey Ballya Drum gyan und? Mutte, Kavate, Devaiah...they broke it in our farewell party.

Entha Bondu Ellarku? OK very Fine; Caper ninge Khodays, Amith k Bacardi, Ponni k Vodka, Thims K Beer, Thams k Sprite, Bops K Bori Enne, Jeeni K Rum, Chuppi k Smrinoff, Maddy k Scotch, Gagan & Gauthu k Wine and Naak Ella !

Thims Echara Kanthare ?

Hey Thims, remember you were about to fall in this big well.

But folks bad news now; No more parties here...a Doctor Aunty has occupied this home now.

Our Hockey victory celebrations!

Absolute fun here, this is the place where, our Dillu Sir was in his full flow, Bolluli, Karthithe, Tali Lalela...hey you all started singing. Remember, our Brijesh Sir was caught pouring his drink down and acting Toinn! Jeenis Golo Goal.....camp fire le Dillu Sir and Kandes Circus.

Kunda Betta..get ready to Trek.
If you visit CIT, and don't go to Kunda Betta, you have missed something. Cool Place for Trekking. Bops and Maddy always reach first. Who were the last to reach, was it Changi or Pavi or Payal? Well had fun, every time we reached Kunda.

Time for me to say good bye.

Kummi has lots to say about CIT, I could keep on going and never express my gratitude for what CIT means to me...The best days of my Life! Friends, I need to finish this post. I think, you re-lived your memories as you read through this blog.

Take Care CITians.